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Sometimes reality television shows are like nails on a chalkboard: Horribly annoying! Other times, reality TV ideas intrigue us. In the case of a new HGTV reality series called “Scoring the Deal,” real estate agents attempt to sell homes to celebrity athletes. The question is, this show going to be a hit?

Successful athletes are an interesting case study in home ownership. They are more than likely to make impetuous decisions. Why? Because if they are traded or sign a contract, they have to move quickly.

Also, because their fortunes come quickly and can go at the same speed.

Host Jason Abrams, who is a broker from Michigan, wants to help athletes conserve their finances and buy real estate responsibility, according to an article in the Observer.

He says that athletes may have more than one home to take care of because they buy in different cities cities. This, he says, is a cause for concern, even for the financially well-off.

Of course, there are already quite a few reality shows centered on the buying and selling of property that already exist such as: House Hunters International and Flipped Off. Mind you, there isn’t one especially devoted to the appraisal of a home or property in various conditions. Ahem, ahem.

Scoring the Deal aired Tuesday, January 15 an involved a former NFL linebacker Cato June, who led the Indianapolis Colts with nine tackles and helped the he helped the Colts win Super Bowl XLI. Now, he’s looking for an apartment in Manhattan because he’s an investor in the Broadway play he helped the Colts win Super Bowl XLI.Stick Fly.

Way to diversify, June. I guess now it’s finally okay to say, “Break a leg” to him.

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