Mar 18, 2013

How Accurate Are The Appraised Values Of Zillow And Trulia?

A question I often get is, “How accurate is Zillow and Trulia?” This is a great question because it allows me to explore and show you whether or not online appraisal websites are on the money. I randomly selected five appraisals, located in different parts of the country, done by our team of certified appraisers….View the full report…

Mar 10, 2013

Big Homes Are Back, But With A Twist!

Downsize, downsize and downsize. If you’ve been looking at home sales in the last few years, you would think the word “downsize” became a permanent part of the real estate lingo! Thankfully, that’s not entirely true. Big homes are back! While many people were thinking about smaller homes, a whole other generation of home buyers were thinking…View the full report…

Mar 04, 2013

Washington D.C. Real Estate: Supply And Demand

Washington D.C. is a cultural and historical mecca. Having dozens of great neighborhoods a Metro ride away and a bustling political and business climate keeps the D.C. real estate market competitive. It’s no wonder people flock there to live and work. As appraisers, our team is constantly in and out of so many Washington D.C. neighborhoods and homes;…View the full report…