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Apr 17, 2013

Appraisal Technology: How It Benefits You!

When I think about me or any of my local appraisers just ten years ago, walking around with notepads and measuring tape, it feels so old school! Now, of course, we’ve progressed. We use cutting edge appraisal technology to simplify our lives and to make appraisals more precise. Here’s how appraisers are using new technology and how…View the full report…

Jan 18, 2013

New Reality Show Alert: Scoring the Deal

Sometimes reality television shows are like nails on a chalkboard: Horribly annoying! Other times, reality TV ideas intrigue us. In the case of a new HGTV reality series called “Scoring the Deal,” real estate agents attempt to sell homes to celebrity athletes. The question is, this show going to be a hit? Successful athletes are…View the full report…