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    What Is Your Home REALLY Worth? Get A Certified Home Appraisal!

    Unlike automated home appraisal services or free online house values, a true appraisal performed by a certified or  licensed real estate appraiser will provide you with the most accurate market value for your home. The average price of a Full appraisal for a Single Family Home, Town House or condominium is $475 and typically takes a week to complete. Since no two pieces of real estate are identical, please Call 866-533-7173 or fill out the Free Quote Request. Also, see our Sample Home Appraisal Report.

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    How Are Homes Appraised?

    Typically, home appraisers use the Sales Comparison Approach to determine current market value of your home. The Sales Comparison Approach involves collecting information on recently sold homes (ideally sales that have closed within the past 90 days) that are similar to the house that is being appraised.

    We select comparable homes that are the most similar to the Subject property in terms of location, livable area (SqFt Under A/C), room count, age, condition, upgrades, site size, view (Lake, Golf Course, Ocean, Etc.) and amenities such as a pool and/or garage. We find these recently closed comparable sales by researching the M.L.S. also known as the Multiple Listing Service (This is the Realtors System used to list and sell real estate) and Tax Records. From this research, we narrow down the recently sold comps to a minimum of three sales that are the most similar to the property that is being appraised and put the comparable sales into the home appraisal report.

    Positive and negative adjustments are made to the comparable sales for differences between them and the Subject (Such as for Condition, Upgrades & Livable Area). From this, we get the adjusted sales prices of the comparable sales and the appraiser reconciles these adjusted values to determine the final home appraisal value.

    Steps Taken to Determine Property Values:

    1. Research the market to obtain information pertaining to sales, listings, pending sales that are similar to the subject property.
    2. Investigate the market data to determine whether they are factually correct and accurate.
    3. Determine relevant Homes of comparison, and develop a comparative analysis for each.
    4. Compare the house being appraised to comparable home sales according to the elements of comparison and adjust as appropriate.
    5. Reconcile the multiple value indications that result from the adjustment of the comparable sales into a single value indication.

    As a rule of thumb, the house appraisal should be somewhere between the sale prices and the adjusted values of the comparable sales used in this report. Please feel free to call us at 866-533-7173 if you would like a further explanation on real estate appraisal process. You can also see this page for the three approaches to value.

    Getting The Most Out Of  Your Home Appraisal

    If you are trying to achieve maximum market value for your property, there are a few things to consider BEFORE hiring an appraiser. Since the overall condition of a home will impact the appraised value, performing minor and major repairs prior to scheduling an appointment is a good idea.

    Some of the easiest way to improve the overall condition and appearance of the home would be things like interior and exterior paint as well as having carpets and flooring thoroughly cleaned. Also, crown molding is a fairly inexpensive and impressive looking upgrade that can be done over a weekend.

    More costly issues such as poor roofing, foundation problems and damaged siding should also be considered in your repairs list. These items will have a great negative affect on values because they are considered condition issues, not just quality of construction.


    • Jaime Ghitelman says:

      I am buying a house that is not built yet. Is there any way to get an estimate appraisal with plans only?

      • Hi Jaime, We can complete an appraisal for you on a house that is not built yet. We do the appraisal as if the home was built per plans and specifications. If you would like a quote, please send us the plans, survey of the land and an address(If there is one yet). However, if you are getting financing, your bank would most likely want to select their own appraiser and not accept one you order yourself.

      • Jerry Morgan says:

        Market value for a proposed property is based on plans and spec. A final inspection of the finished property is required to insure it was built according to plans.

    • Olga Bennett says:

      what is the average rate of an appraisal, my home is in South Dade…

    • Liz says:

      Good Afternoon,

      As an Appraiser you often know what is, or is going to be for sale. And I was wondering if you could email me a list of residential/commercial
      properties that you have recently appraised in Oakland, Wayne, Livingston etc. Counties.

      Thank you for your time,

    • JG says:

      If a cash buyer wants an appraisal on a house they’re considering buying, do they need to provide a copy of the sales contract?

      Thank you

      • Hi, No they do not need to provide a copy of the the sales contract or even the purchase price. It is better that the appraiser does not know what the purchase price is so he/she can give a truly unbiased opinion.

    • Joe says:

      What does “Value Indication” mean at the end of a comparable?

      On my appraisal next to the photo of the comp, Sales price, Date, Sq. Ft. and “Value Indication” is shown.

      The sales price is $715K; the Value Indication” is $747K.

      Thank you.

      Joe B.

      • Without seeing the actual appraisal it is difficult to say for sure. The standardized forms I use do not have “Value Indication”. My guess is that the $747K is the adjusted value of that comparable after adjustments have been made to it when compared to the subject property.

    • kerry says:

      How much and how long does it take to get an appraisal in the Suffolk county, ny area? the house is a single family ranch style.
      I was told that i may need an independent appraisal to make sure the banks appraisal is approximately the same as the independents. Is that so?
      thank you

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