Jan 28, 2013

Valuing Green: Will A Green Home Mean A Better Appraisal?

The true financial value of a green home has been a debate within the appraisal community for quite some time. Why would a seemingly positive home enhancement become a topic with such opposing view points? The answer is simple, while green home improvements may mean that the home owner is content, they don’t always translate…View the full report…

Jan 18, 2013

New Reality Show Alert: Scoring the Deal

Sometimes reality television shows are like nails on a chalkboard: Horribly annoying! Other times, reality TV ideas intrigue us. In the case of a new HGTV reality series called “Scoring the Deal,” real estate agents attempt to sell homes to celebrity athletes. The question is, this show going to be a hit? Successful athletes are…View the full report…

Jan 08, 2013

Learn To Earn: The Best Appraisal Books Out There

The real estate appraisal profession is one that requires a good base of knowledge regarding home sales, real estate procedures and other useful bits of information. So, whether you are an agent,  a real estate appraisal apprentice or a homeowner or seller who wants to learn about the field in an in depth manner, consider one our…View the full report…