Kanye West And Kim Kardashian House Hunt

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Photographers caught love birds Kim and Kanye in Miami, Florida recently. This wasn’t a regular lunch date for the two, in fact, it seems that they were house hunting for their next dream house.

As you can imagine, the duo were not looking for fixer-uppers. Instead, they were looking at ritzy waterfront properties with lots of space to fit their extensive shoe and fashion collections. It is well known that Kanye has well-over 200 pairs of sneakers. And of course, Kim will want to invite the Kardashian clan over and Kanye will probably want a recording studio.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not demure. Remember her infamous home movie? How about his public snub of Taylor Swift’s win over Beyonce at the MTV Video Music Awards? So, this might not be a genuine house hunt, but a publicity stunt for one of Kim’s many reality TV spots, like Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

Then again, since she will be filming in Miami, maybe Kimmy didn’t want to be apart from her beau and they really are looking to relocate.

Reports state that the couple checked out four properties priced between $7 and $10 million. They did not, however, purchase anything.

Perhaps they thought they had one home too many? Afterall, Kim already owns a Spanish-style home in Beverly Hills that she bought in February 2010 for $3,400,000. Kanye owns a multi-story hillside home just above Hollywood that he bought in December 2003 for $1,750,000. He had his home on the market in the spring of 2010 for a $3,995,000. He’s also the owner of an east coast residence in New York City. He paid $1,384,820 for a 1,589 -quare-foot pied-à-terre in SoHo. Then, he bought the 838-square-foot apartment next door for $1,250,000.

It is doubtful that those two felt like their separate homes were enough, especially since they have no home to grow their budding romance in. Only time will tell what super glam home they end up cohabitating in and what becomes of their relationship.

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