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Nov 17, 2012

Determining Real Estate Value During Divorce

As far as divorce proceedings go, for most couples, the home is a major shared asset. The first step in dealing with the splitting of assets is to determine the real estate value during divorce. Use An Appraiser An appraiser is the best way to help determine the value of your assets. They are better…View the full report…

Sep 17, 2012

Divorce Appraisal: The Basics

It’s an unfortunate time when you are going through a divorce. Whether it is amicable or challenging, there are several things that need to be divided. A division of property (or properties) is often on top of the priority list for divorcing couples. But where do you even begin? You must begin with a professional…View the full report…

Jul 20, 2012

Are Two Appraisals Needed During A Divorce?

The answer really depends on your individual situation. What most of our clients do is just order one appraisal when divorce proceedings are getting close. If the husband and wife can agree on the value then there is no need for a second appraisal. In cases where they can not agree on the value, the…View the full report…