Celebrity Real Estate Updates: Who Bought What?

Jun 13, 2024 | Published by Leave your thoughts

Remember Lance Armstrong? How about Pamela Anderson? Of course you do. The scandal-ridden athlete and the former Baywatch lifeguard have made news again, only it’s not for the same reasons as in previous times. In this blog post, I thought I would bring you the latest celebrity real estate updates. So, sit back and enjoy the real Hollywood real estate news!

Recently, Lance sold his Austin, Texas home. The estate was listed for $10 million immediately after his Tour de France doping and cheating scandal. Many speculated that the trial would cost the cyclist a lot of money and the sale of the home would free up his assets.

It’s been said that 1.7-acre home was sold for something like $3.1 million, however no hard numbers have been revealed.

Now Lance has bought a new home. Some things never change as his new 3.6-acre home is situated in the gated community of Rob Roy in Austin, overlooking Lake Austin. And, while the cyclist still has pending court battles, he spent about $4.34M on the five-bedroom property.

Perhaps he thinks he’ll walk away scot-free and this would be his hideout for the next few years?

Another sale that caught my eye was that of Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson. She listed her home in February and then put on a spectacle to re-staged it a month later. After all that, it turns out that bidders interested in the $7.75 million Malibu property will never get their hands on it!

“I put it on the market to see what it was like, but I most likely won’t sell,” she said to the NY Post. “I had too many people interested . . . it scared me.”

Now, why she would go through the trouble of appraising her home, listing her home and re-staging her home if she never intended to sell? Only she can answer that. Perhaps, she just wanted to know her home’s worth.

Well there you have it. A cheater who sticks to his old habits and a former model who teases. Seems like some things in Hollywood are still as odd as ever!

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