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Like celebrity marriages, celebrity real estate changes hands so frequently that it is often impossible to keep up. Lucky for you, we have rounded up this month’s biggest sales and real estate news in Tinseltown– which now stretches all throughout the world!

Michael Jackson’s Final Home Sold for $18.1M

Michael Jackson’s death shocked the world. Now, the home in which he lived his last days (and died in) has just been bought for a $18.1 million.

Yet, the most shocking detail of this sale is that the original asking price was $38.5 million.

The 17,000-square-foot home boasts seven bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms. It’s got a movie theater, pool, elevator, gym, wine cellar and a massive guest house. It home was on sale while Jackson lived in it. He rented it from the owner for $100,000 a month. The owner of the home was Hubert Guez, the CEO of Ed Hardy.

Whether Jackson’s death plays a part in the lowered value of the home in unclear, it seems the value of the home had been depreciating for some time.

Sharon Stone Sells Her Beverly Hills Home For $6.5M

Sharon Stone’s Beverly Hills home just sold for $6.5 million. She purchased the estate for $11 million in 2006.

The mansion has 7 bedrooms, a media room, four fireplaces, a library, tennis court, swimming pool, 8.5 bathrooms and swimming pool.

She lost money based on the difference in price, however, many would say that the sale is reflective of the market.

Fashion Designer Valentino Finally Shows The World His 17th Century Asian Chateau

Valentino Garavani is full of style. The designer wouldn’t be caught dead living in a home that was simply a mansion. Instead, in 1995 he purchased an Asian-Inspired Chateau near Paris. The home was built by Louis XIII’s finance minister in the 17th century. In the September issue of Architectural Digest, Valentino finally opens the doors to home and gives everyone a peek into his personal life.

Château de Wideville features eight bedrooms, many bathrooms and something entirely original: A dovecote. This is a structure intended to house pigeons or doves. Valentino uses the space to read and listen to music.

Valentino’s love affair with China influenced the entire design of the mansion. He showcases imperial vases, figures dressed in Chinese traditional costumes and more.

This Asian, 17th-century French home is surely fit for a fashion mogul.

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