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You will have to deal with real estate appraisals at some point in your life as a homeowner, whether getting one before selling house, having one for insurance purposes or just getting one to get an idea of your current home value. Cheap home appraisals are fast and painless, and don’t take a lot of preparation, unless you count home improvements.

Decide on the Purpose

Before you even get the home appraisal cost, ask yourself what you want it for. Appraisers use different procedures to determine the value of a property. Let them know in advance why you want the appraisal. Home market values determined for selling a home are very different than that of insuring a home.

Research the Home

When the real estate appraiser comes, they will bombard you with questions about your home. That’s normal. But during all this, you might forget all those important questions you wanted to ask. Write them down as you remember them and have them ready when the agent arrives.

Also, it will help you to know where the house stands and also how to follow the agent’s advice if you research current home trends before real estate appraisals. There are numerous magazines and websites dedicated to current home trends. Knowing what these are before doing home improvements can prevent you from wasting money on futile improvements and stick with what works.

Preparing the Home For an Appraisal

Although it’s not required, it’s a good idea to have the home nice and clean before their arrival. Cleaning won’t change the value of the home, of course. Agents are trained to look beyond small cosmetic changes people use to boost the value of their home. However, cleaning can make it easier to navigate your home, since they will be traveling to each and every room. Also, it makes both you and the agent more comfortable if they’re touring a clean home.

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