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Jun 21, 2012

Questions And Answers Of Real Estate Appraisals Part II

In the first installment of this series, we covered many of the basics. Since then, we listened to our clients and made a list of other frequently asked questions for appraisers. We hope this helps clear up any confusion regarding the real estate appraisal process because ultimately, we are all working together to get you…View the full report…

Jun 16, 2012

Basic Questions And Answers Of Real Estate Appraisals

We often get the same questions asked by different clients. In this blog post, we decided to take some of the most frequently asked questions and create a “most common questions for appraisers” post. This is a basic crash course in appraisals and the first installment for this series. Q: How is home’s value determined?…View the full report…

Jun 01, 2012

Colorado Home Appraisal and Green Energy Home Improvement Tips

Recently, Joan from Denver, CO became concerned. Her neighbor told her that energy efficiency upgrades could increase value of Colorado homes. Joan was getting ready to sell and hadn’t considered this practice. She came to us to get an online home appraisal and find out if green energy upgrades add value to property prices in…View the full report…