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    • jea jung says:

      appraisal for re-certificate value

      • Joey says:

        Hi Jea Jung, Re-certifications of value are usually done by the original appraiser and ordered by the bank. I do not believe we did the original appraisal. Please advise. Thank you!

    • Janet Canfield says:

      Need an estimate of cost of appraisal for refinancing home.

      • Joey says:

        Hi Mrs. Canfield, If you plan on refinancing, your lender will have to hire us directly by calling us at 866-533-7173 or randomly select their own appraiser. They will NOT be able to use an appraisal YOU order for loan purposes. However if you still would like a fee and turn time to complete an appraisal on your home please call us or fill out the free quote request on our website with your complete address so we can do some research. Thank you!

    • gail bowers says:

      need it done by 02-15-13

      • Joey says:

        Hi Mrs. Bowers, I have responded to your free quote request by email with your fee and turn time. We can certainly complete your appraisal be fore Feb. 15th, 2013. Please let me know if I can help in any other way.

    • Kelly McCann says:

      Need fast turn around for refi

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