Appraisal Technology: How It Benefits You!

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When I think about me or any of my local appraisers just ten years ago, walking around with notepads and measuring tape, it feels so old school! Now, of course, we’ve progressed. We use cutting edge appraisal technology to simplify our lives and to make appraisals more precise. Here’s how appraisers are using new technology and how that benefits you.

The Major Benefit

The tools of the appraisal trade have drastically changed. One of the biggest changes new technology has brought on is how everyone, including lenders and homeowners, now have quick access to appraisal information. It used to be that only appraisers had access to data (such as comps), but now information is accessible via easy internet searches.

Since appraisers do not have a monopoly on data, this obviously benefits you because as a buyer or seller, you can conduct some research of your own. How this benefits you in the long-term is even better; Appraisers who used to rely solely on data, now must showcase their local neighborhood expertise and data analysis skill-set to provide accurate valuations. That’s right, no more lazy appraisers! Your appraiser has to be well-trained and locally fluent. That’s a total win for you.

What Tools Does Every Appraiser Need to Consider?

A well stocked appraisal tool kit includes a GPS, a smart phone for contacts and appointments, a tablet (iPad) for sketching programs, Google’s street view and aerial photos and a laser distance measuring device.

Many appraisers swear by the Disto, a laser measuring device. I can recall the implausibility of measuring a client’s yard filled with thorny rose bushes and nettle! Laser measuring systems made my measurements more efficient. No more scratches!

Sleek iPhones, Androids, apps and even cloud technology were so far off for us that it was impossible to imagine life without a heavy bag full of appraisal gear. Technology has definitely streamlined some of the work that appraisers have to do. New tools are just around the corner, and I am thrilled to incorporate them into my routine.

A Final Piece Of Invaluable Advice

There’s just one warning before jumping on board the technology bandwagon: Appraisers, make sure you don’t lose a crucial aspect of the appraisal process when using your innovative tools. Don’t ever forget the human connection! Just because you have a smart phone, doesn’t mean that when you’re with a client, you should be making eye-contact only with your phone, right?

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