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    We only use the best Certified Real Estate Appraisers. We mostly judge our Real Estate Appraisers on Accuracy, Quality of work and Turn-Time.  When we have good results with a Real Estate Appraiser we use him/her over and over again. Conversely if we have had a bad experience with a Real Estate Appraiser than they are removed from our panel. Overtime we have created a great panel of Real Estate appraisers who excel at delivering accurate appraisals in a timely manner. Our Real Estate Appraisers have been certified for at least five years before we considered working with them. Our Certified Real Estate Appraisers for Residential & Commercial Real Estate are strategically located throughout the country so that at least one Certified Real Estate Appraiser is never too far away from your property (Usually within 10 miles). We use Real Estate Appraisers that are mostly located within a ten mile radius of your property so that your Real Estate Appraisal is being done by someone who is familiar with the unique characteristics of your neighborhood boundaries. This provides you with the most accurate Real Estate Appraisal within the quickest time.
    Do you need a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser with a certain designation like a MAI or a Residential Real Estate Appraiser with a SRA designation? We can fulfill these requirements. MAI & SRA designations are given to Commercial & Residential Real Estate Appraisers who have completed and continue to complete strict educational requirements administered by the Appraisal Institute. These Real Estate Appraisers have gone the extra mile to become true experts in their field. They have proven through strict exams to be knowledgeable and proficient in appraising real estate.
    Each state has different certification requirements for Real Estate Appraisers, but for the most part, before an appraiser can become certified by his/her state, they must work as a trainee or apprentice to a Certified Real Estate Appraiser for at least two years, complete a higher number of appraisals with his/her mentor signing the appraisal reports and pass a written exam administered by the state.
    REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS are specialists in estimating the value of real property. Real property consists of land, buildings, and natural resources such as water, oil, or minerals. Estimates of value, known as appraisals, are made when property is bought, sold, assessed, taxed, condemned, insured, or mortgaged. They may also be required in divorce actions, when partnerships are dissolved, and when property is listed as a business asset. Appraisers, especially independent fee appraisers, may give expert testimony in court. They may also act as consultants. Real Estate Appraisers prepare a written description of the property and make an estimate of its value. They may complete standardized checklists as they evaluate the property and the neighborhood in which it is situated. Appraisers obtain land values from county sources and sales information about nearby properties. They also examine the income records and operating costs of income properties. Appraisers estimate building replacement costs using building valuation manuals and professional cost estimators. They also verify legal descriptions of property with county records, measure the property and compare the measurements with the legal descriptions. They draw land diagrams and note conditions and special features of buildings. Appraisers analyze and evaluate the data and prepare a written report outlining methods by which the fair-market value was estimated. At times it is necessary for a senior appraiser to review these reports. Appraisers generally work alone; however, consultants may be used for more complex appraisals. Computers are an indispensable tool in this complex work.

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