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    Joseph Castaneda Appraiser In Miami

    Do You Need A Local Certified Home Appraiser?

    Our Certified Home Appraisers are local to your neighborhood. Most homes are located within 10 miles of one of our appraisers. Call us or fill out the form to your right for a free quote on how much it would cost for us to do an appraisal on your home. Every home is unique and thus the price for an appraisal can vary. Factors that determine the cost of a home appraisal are the home’s location, livable area and site size.


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    Step 1: Call 305-792-7778 or fill out the Free Quote Request to get your cost & turn time.

    Step 2: Schedule your appointment (Usually the same or next day).

    Step 3: Get your appraisal by email (Usually the next business day after inspection).

    What Is A Home Appraiser?

    A home appraiser is a professional who is licensed or certified by the state in which they are estimating the market, Income or replacement cost value of single family, 1-4 family, townhomes, condominiums or co-ops.

    Steps To Becoming A Licensed Or Certified Home Appraiser?

    Every state’s requirements are different, but for the most part the appraiser must first start off by taking these steps:

      • Get your Trainee Appraiser License

        • Must be at least 18 years old
        • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
        • Complete at least 100 hours of approved education
        • Fill out a state application, submit electronic fingerprints, and pay required fees
        • There is NO state exam


    • Work Under A Certified Appraiser

      • Complete 200 hours of approved appraisal education (75 hours of these were fulfilled when you took your Trainee course, and the remaining will be fulfilled through taking all of the State Certified Residential Appraiser courses.)
      • Acquired a documented 2,500 hours of experience over 24 months
      • Received an Associate degree or higher from an accredited college, or completed at least 21 semester hours in the following courses:
        • English Composition
        • Principles of Economics (Mirco or Macro)
        • Finance
        • Algebra, Geometry, or higher mathematics
        • Business or Real Estate Law

      *Special Note:
      Effective January 1, 2015 in Florida, the use of accredited college courses in the above fields of study will no longer be accepted. All newly licensed Certified Residential Appraisers must possess a bachelors degree or higher after this date.

      • Pass the Residential National exam and Florida Supplemental exam

    1 Comment

    • Darshana Gajjar says:

      Respected Sir,

      I am seeking a Real Estate Appraiser Training through Supervisory Appraiser for exposure of 2000 hours work experience, in order to obtain New Jersey State level Licensed Residential Appraiser Certificate.

      I have completed 75 Credit hours of Real Estate Trainee Course, including 15 credit-hours of USPAP course from Allied Business School. In addition to that, out of 150 hours, I have completed 120 hours licensed residetial appraisal course study through Allied Business School.

      As a professional Real Estate Appraiser in India, I worked with more than 25 financial institutes for more than 10 years. During that tenure, I have prepared more than 5000 appraisal reports, including residential, commercial and industrial properties for banks, government organization, including SARFAESI (FIRREA) Appraisals with IFRS compliance.

      Looking at my past professional experience, I am confident that my skills are well aligned with the role of a trainee appraiser.

      Feel free to contact me via phone or email at a time of your convenience to discuss my background as well as the requirement for a role in your organization.


      Darshana Gajjar

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