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    Using Technology to Improve Your Customer Experience
    We always try to be on the forefront of appraisal technology. We use the best and newest technology at our disposal to bring you high quality, accurate appraisals.
    In recent years, appraisals have become more difficult than ever before. We offer the highest quality appraisals, and cutting corners has never been an option for us. Therefore, we’ve found that the best place to save time is by adjusting our workflow. Our continuous efforts to be the best have convinced us that using the very latest in new technology allows us to provide more comprehensive reports, quicker turnaround times and of course, the very best in customer service.
    Interested in hiring a local appraiser that takes advantage of the latest technology? Contact Home Appraisals, Inc. now!
    Take a look at how Home Appraisals, Inc. makes ordering easier
    Years ago, a great deal of orders were delivered via fax and were confirmed with phone calls once we arrived at the office. It might be hours before a client even knew if we could do the order. Things are quite a bit different now and when an order is placed on the site, we receive an e-mail on our phones. We can even log into this site from the field and send back an e-mail confirmation – including the time and date for the inspection if we’ve been able to talk to the occupant.
    Home Appraisals, Inc. understands that real estate is all about timeliness. We don’t make you wait around for replies because we understand the speed at which we get things done directly effects your bottom-line. Through features on this website, we can actually speed up the entire appraisal process.
    Data Gathering Tools
    Gathering the data for an appraisal is an in-depth process. We spend a lot of our time gathering the facts on the subject property and the local market data and trends. Home Appraisals, Inc. takes advantage of technology to close the gap once again.
    We’ve learned that taking notes the standard way, using pencil and paper, generally takes longer since we we have to enter everything back in at the office. Don’t be surprised to see us with an iPad or collecting data using an application written for our phones that even lets us sketch a floorplan right on site.
    We combine all of these different technologies to ensure that your final report is comprehensive and without error, requiring fewer call-backs and revisions. A real money saver for busy appraisal clients.
    Modern appraisal report delivery ensures our clients have a number of ways to get their report
    At a very minimum, you can expect us to deliver your final report electronically as a PDF. Most of our clients prefer e-mail because we’re all accustomed to getting attachments like PDFs in our mail. It’s a lot faster than the old days before e-mail. But, we’ve even been able to improve on e-mail with how you receive your report with this website.
    Everyone knows how frustrating it is to lose a file. Or have you ever had problems sending or receiving an e-mail because of the file size? We have the technology to overcome those problems, too.  When we deliver an appraisal through this website, the client gets a link sent to their email to retrieve the PDF. By bypassing email completely we can get around any problems caused by file size. And the best thing is that the file will be hosted on this site for 90 days. So if you lose the file, you can log back in here and retrieve it again – saving you time, since we won’t even need to run back to the computer.
    Finally, we use all digital workfiles
    It would be much easier if appraisers could never have to think about an assignment again after writing and giving it to the client. But one of the purposes of an appraisal is as a legal document outlining the condition of a property on a specific date. Therefore, appraisers must keep their reports for 5 years in case any disputes or other matters arise regarding the property.
    To sum it all up, Home Appraisals, Inc. uses all the technology at our disposal technology to improve service. We store every part of the appraisal – notes, sketches, supporting documentation and calculations – along with the appraisal electronically, we’re able to retrieve that file at any time and recall exactly what that assignment was about.
    These are just a few examples of how we use technology daily. Utilizing the right tools, along with the appraisal know-how that you’ve grown to expect allows the appraiser to collect the appraisal data to finish the report faster and more accurately than previously possible.

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