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    Dear Appraisers,
    Do you find yourself spending valuable time on administrative duties that have nothing to do with appraisals? Do you find yourself at times so busy that you turn down appraisal work and at other times with little to no appraisal work? Do you sometimes wish you could hire someone but are not sure if you can justify the expenses and hassles of a full time employee, office space, etc?
    Becoming a full time appraiser with Home Appraisals, Inc. will solve these issues and help you grow your business. You will provide better customer service and increase your income while working less hours. We do this by providing our appraisers with personal “Administrators” and give them access to our infrastructure (Telephones, Email Exchange Server, Wintotal Server).
    Some of the things your personal administrator will do for you:
    • Customer Service (answer phones, emails and faxes)
    • Take & enter new orders
    • Schedule inspections (Using our shared Calendar)
    • Deliver completed reports to clients (Sure Receipts, Upload, Etc.)
    • Make minor revisions to appraisals requested by clients
    •  Marketing: Fill out applications with our clients and new clients, Administer a proven marketing campaign in your area
    • Accounting (Accounts receivables), Process credit card payments (Discover, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX)
    Having someone to support you and alleviate you from the above tasks has many benefits such as increasing your productivity and allowing you to spend time on what makes you the most money which is completing appraisal assignments. Please call me to discuss.
    Best Regards,
    Joey Castañeda

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