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    Quality Appraisal Reviews with Home Appraisals, Inc.

    Here at Home Appraisals, Inc., we provide Review Appraisal services that are independent, efficient and professional. Home Appraisals has completed  hundreds of Field Review Appraisals for Fannie Mae and we can complete an appraisal review for you in a similar format. Please click Field Review Appraisal Form 2000 Sample to view a sample report of a Field Review on a Condominium that we completed. For simplicity purposes and to keep the file size small we did not include the entire report which was delivered to the client.

    Our Review Appraisers mostly complete appraisal field reviews. These are done on FANNIE MAE form 2000 for single family residences and  condominiums and form 2000a for multifamily residences with 2-4 units.

    If you’re in the need of  real estate appraisal review services or have questions about an appraisal, call Home Appraisals at 866-833-7173 or fill out the form to your right and tell us about your

    When preforming an appraisal review, the review appraiser reviews the original appraisal for accuracy. This involves verifying the data the original appraiser included in his or her report by using tax records, MLS (Muliple Listing Service) and inspecting the subject property from the exterior at a minimum. The review appraiser also researches all available closed comparable sales that were available to the original appraiser as of the date of the original appraisal. Based on the review appraiser’s findings he or she either agrees or disagrees with the original appraiser’s estimated value. If the Review Appraiser disagrees with the original appraised value then he or she will provide additional comparables within the review appraisal report to support the Review Appraiser’s opinion of the subject’s value.

    There are four Fannie Mae forms that are generally used for review services, and we’ll develop an appraisal review on the one that is right for your unique situation. They include an appraisal “desk” review, a “field” review, a “short” form and a “narrative” form.  Here at Home Appraisals, Inc., we are experienced in every type of appraisal review, review practice and the requirements of review appraisers.

    We are aware of what represents a quality appraisal and what the most prevalent imperfections are, especially when it comes to our local real estate market.  The professionals at Home Appraisals, Inc. are also amply skilled to know that the competitors in our market are skillful in doing a great job.  The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) govern appraisal reviews as well as appraisal reports, and you can rely on us to lawfully study appraisal reports executed by others. And those others may be studying our work, too!

    You can depend on Home Appraisals, Inc. for our honest judgment, because we offer professional, impartial, ethical appraisal review services for our clients. Contact Home Appraisals, Inc. regarding our qualifications, expertise and services offered.

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