What Lowers Value in Home Appraisals

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It may have cost you hundreds to install, but not everything in your home will add value to home appraisals. There are many things in a home that can detract value from an appraisal or put a strict limit on the market. Keeping out an eye for these features will prevent you from making a mistake when improving your home.

In Ground or Above Ground Pools

Many homeowners assume a pool will be a major selling point for a home, but they often hurt a home’s value as much as help it. If a seller does not want an in-ground pool, then they have to go through the massive (and costly) annoyance of having it filled in. Although an above-ground pool can be far easier to remove, it may take the lawn years to recover from the ruined grass. You’ll have the dead-grass scar of a pool a long time after the pool was removed.

A Missing Garage

Garages are considered standard in many home today, so not having one can have a severe impact on your real estate appraisals. Attached garages are more popular than unattached garages, and these are used for both vehicles and miscellaneous storage. Since these can be very expensive additions to a home, you need to be sure the extra cost with be worth it. Even a paved car port would attract drivers.

A Laundry List of Projects

When a homeowner purchases a house, there are often a few repairs that need to be made. Usually these were discovered in home inspections or home appraisal. Having a few of these won’t deter buyers from the home, but having a huge list of repairs will make people flee. Be sure to have as many repairs completed as possible before having the home appraisal so you can get the most value from your home.

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