The Secret Of A 48-Hour Home Appraisal Makeover

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We love success stories for home buyers and sellers. When someone gets a low figure for their home and finds ways to fix up some of the issues and sell for a better rate, we are overjoyed. The housing market is confusing enough as it is, so when we hear good news we share it.

A recent ABC News report stated that the housing market median home prices have risen since last July. This is great news for the millions of U.S. citizens with their homes on the market.

The better news is that the program also offered a 48-hour makeover for a couple that has tried to repeatedly sell their home but thus far, has had no luck.

The couple bought the home for $625,000 six years ago. Today, they’re wanted to sell for $225,000. A previous appraisal put them at $190,000, which is well below their asking price.

Appraisal expert Alice Palmisano came to their home to help them determine what could make their home a better value.

Here some of the tips that may serve you well if you’re looking to have that little extra push when selling your home:

1. No overgrown yard. An unkempt is an eyesore and can deduct dollars from your appraisal rate.

2. Clean the house from top to bottom. No one likes a messy home, especially not an appraiser or buyer.

3. Spend on the subtle updates, like a new kitchen faucet to give your kitchen a modern appliance look.

4. An old TV can make a room look dated, so either unplug and put it away or invest in some new entertainment.

5. Pack away the original touches, like photos and religious items. It’s easier to see what looks good without the added clutter. It may be meaningful to you, but it won’t make sense to a stranger.

Another appraiser was called to the house and he gave the couple a new rate after they made the suggested changes. He priced the home at $214,000, which much closer to their asking price. For the seller, this is good news all around.

Take some of these cues, watch the program about making some quick home appraisal makeover changes and get your sales numbers higher!

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