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There are many features that home appraisers are looking for in homes. Some of these improvements can be performed by anyone that can tell the difference between a hammer and a paintbrush. For most people, homes represent the best investment you’ll ever make, so you should do your best to add the most value to it.

Sunrooms or Enclosed Porches

Sunrooms and enclosed porches are a very popular trend in homes right now. People love the idea of reading or lounging in the outdoors without worrying about bugs or the temperature. It also contributes to the square footage of your home, since it is considered a livable area. When placing it in your home, put it next to your largest room to offer a great gathering place for parties and get-togethers.


For additional outdoor space that can transform your home, add a deck. These are easy to install, easy to maintain and can add significant value to the home without requiring a lot of work. Modern decks offer plenty of space for relaxation as well as areas for sitting, lounging and even admiring installed fireplaces.


No matter who you are, everyone can handle painting. All you have to do is run a brush over the walls and try not to get it on the floor. Nothing can make such a major change to your home with so little cost. If you have those neutral white walls, change the tone or color with something fresh and exciting.


A large basement is one of the most neglected spaces in the home. By adding some paneling and flooring, you can turn a basement into a livable area, which adds square footage to the home and additional value to real estate appraisals. If you don’t want to add an entire room in the basement, finish only part of it and save the rest for storage or laundry.

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