Features For Success in Florida Real Estate Appraisals

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There are a number of features your home could have which would increase the odds for the success of your Florida real estate appraisals. Of course, by “success” we mean that you end up with a home value which is reflective of a return on your investment. The opposite of that would be failure. The surest way to guarantee a return on your investment, if you can afford to do it, is to add square footage. There are a number of ways to do this. One of the easiest, least expensive ways is to add a deck. You could also add another room possibly by converting a garage into a room. You don’t even have to finish all of it. You can leave some space unfinished for laundry and storage.

One of the hottest ways to add additional square footage is via home office space. More and more companies are realizing how economical it is to let their employees work from home. Correspondingly, more and more employees are looking for room to do just that. Of course, the key word here is room. If you’re going to add such a space, make sure it’s as large as possible. You’re also going to want to make sure it’s very well lit, perhaps even by a sky light. In fact, lots of space and natural lighting are good ideas for the rest of your home, too. Finally, the space should have easy access to cable and phone lines. This is very popular among properties in Florida and specifically for Miami real estate appraisals.

Another thing you might want to consider is your landscaping. Though effective landscaping may not technically add value to your home, it will definitely add what we call “saleability.” This is especially true in the lower part of the state, as well as along the coast and in central Florida. Another benefit of effective landscaping is that you’ll be left with a lot less grass to mow. A well landscaped home with plenty of space, light, and square footage should still be easy to sell, even in this down market.

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