The Five Craziest Homes Ever

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We usually stick to the “normal” homes when we consider buying, selling and appraising properties. However, this week we couldn’t help but think about some of the marvels that humans have constructed and lived in. Some of these homes are priceless, simply because the architects that designed them are massive figures in the history of art. Others are so unbelievable that is hard to imagine anyone actually living in them!

We thought we’d bring them to you so you could take a look at the five craziest homes ever. Can you take a wild guess as to home we would appraise these crazy homes for?

1. Perfect Palace (Palais Ideal) in Hauterives, France took 33 years to construct and was done in the 1900s. The architect, Facteur Cheval, was not a trained architect. Instead he was a mailman and made his creation at night.

2. Giant wooden skyscraper in Archangelsk, Russia. Gangster Nikolai Sutyagin started this skyscraper in 1992 as two-story home, but just kept going. Now, it is a 13-story building. Before he could complete his dream home, Sutyagin was sent to prison on racketeering charges in 1998.

3. The Boeing 727 House is one of the craziest homes ever in Benoit, Mississippi. The plane set dream home owner Joanne Ussary back $2,000.00, cost $4,000.00 to move and $24,000.00 to renovate. The stairs open with a garage door remote, and one of the plane’s original bathrooms still works. Ussary added her own touches when she installed a jacuzzi in the cockpit.

4. The Shoe House in Hellam Pennsylvania. Is an actual 3 bedroom, 2 baths, a kitchen and a living room guesthouse owned by successful shoe businessman, Mahlon N. Haines. After he died, it was an ice cream parlor for a while and now it has been converted to a museum.

5. The Eliphante Art House in Cornville, Arizona. Artist Michael Kahn and his wife Leda Livant built it by hand from natural, found and repurposed materials. Not only is it a home and residence of guest artists, it is a 3-acre sculptural art installation.

So, which of these homes would you live and how much would you pay?

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