How You Can Prepare Your Home For An Appraisal

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It’s common knowledge that homeowners prepare their homes for home sales. They clean and make sure that all possible repair work has been done before the real estate agent and potential buyers visit.

It’s essential to prepare your home for an appraisal as well. The process leads to a sale and there is no reason not to do everything in your power to help the situation.

Here are some things to consider before your upcoming home sale evaluation:


  • Is all the maintenance work done on your home? Is your home painted and is the lawn neat? These are some obvious things you can do to ready your home. There are other things as well, such as a general cleaning of the place in order to give your home a great appearance.


  • Be polite to your appraiser. The appraiser wants to aid you in the sale of your home, thus it’s beneficial to be professionally courteous and give him or her as much relevant information as possible about your place.


  • Let the appraiser know about any recent repairs and improvements. Did you redo your windows? Tell your appraiser about that and anything else you’ve fixed. This helps him or her place an accurate value on the home.


  • Do a bit of your own research. Did you learn about your neighbor’s home being sold? That’s a good piece of information to have in order to estimate the value of your own home. How about a home similar to yours, not too far away? See if you can get any homework done and inform yourself of the sales in your surrounding areas.


The appraisal is a step in the right direction to sell your home. It’s important to be as prepared for it as possible. Things like a messy, cluttered home make it difficult for the appraiser to note new flooring or other repairs that could potentially increase the asking price.

Take the steps needed to have a smooth property evaluation and it may just pay off.

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