How To Appraise Wayne Manor

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We’re going to have a little fun with this post. There have been many homes of fictional characters that seem to price at immeasurable sums. Take Iron Man’s laboratory or Lex Luthor’s commercial properties– it’s interesting to think about how much their real estate actually costs. What about someone like C. Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons? How much is his home worth?

Perhaps the property with the home that may have the most surprising value is Wayne Manor, home of Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as the Batman.

A recent article ran about the appraisal cost of Wayne Manor and we thought we would share it with you. After all, Wayne is the richest bachelor in all of Gotham City.

Movoto writes:

“If it were on the market today, Wayne Manor would be worth $32,100,000. It would include 11 bedrooms, 7 baths, and have a total square footage of 42,500. The price per square foot would be $849.

Some of the amenities include:

  • pool
  • gym
  • library
  • ballroom
  • game room
  • gallery”

Wayne Manor is a 42,500-square-foot mansion on 150 acres of land. It’s hard to imagine the Bat would sell his beloved home, especially considering the value of the man cave beneath his home.

But hey, you never know.

Turns out, Wayne Manor is worth $32.1 million and there are even comps to prove it. Not to mention a $105 million for the Batcave. That’s a pretty penny for the sprawling home of the Dark Knight.

Check out the almost real, real estate listing here and the infographic below to see how the mansion was appraised:


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