Crazy Appraisal Stories From The Front Lines!

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The home appraisal profession is not often considered a dangerous job. Most appraisers can be in and out of a client’s home within just a few hours. Other than a messy house, the work usually goes off without a hitch.

Well, if that’s been your experience, consider yourself lucky because we’ve decided to gather some of the most hilarious and totally off-the-wall stories we’ve ever heard in the business. If you’ve got stories to share, go ahead and email us and we’ll compile another post dedicated to crazy appraisal stories.

Home Appraisal In Anchorage, Alaska Goes Wild

Many years ago, an appraiser we know from Alaska told us this story:

I went to examine a home but could not get in through the front door because a massive moose was standing right in front of it. The person inside could not get outside either! I waited in the car until animal authorities arrived and helped shoo the moose off the premises! Needless to say, this was the most bizarre appraisal situation I’ve ever encountered. 

Police Officers, An Appraiser And A Robber, Oh My

Here’s a story from an appraiser based in Florida:

I drove to a home in a ritzy neighborhood. When I parked my car and got out, I saw that the home and the surrounding homes looked in top shape. I met with the homeowner and all was going well until we walked into the downstairs trophy room. You see, the home belonged to a famous music producer and the room held several collectible gold records and memorabilia. We stumbled upon a robbery in progress! The thugs were mere teenagers but I was shaken nonetheless. The homeowner acted bravely and the kids ran out the way they came. The cops were called and I became a witness rather than just an appraiser! 

Reality TV Star In New Jersey

Though this story is not filled with peril, it still one for the appraisal story books:

It had been a long day of processing paperwork and following up with clients. I had an appraisal scheduled in New Jersey later in the day. I arrived to a camera crew setting up their equipment outside of the home. The homeowner and producer approached me and asked if I wanted to be on camera for a show that followed the life of the homeowner. I was game and signed the release form. Well, as soon as the cameras started rolling, the homeowner turned total diva. She tried to command me around and make me seem incompetent! Eventually, I realized that this was all a stunt for the show and they were never really interested in selling the home. Needless to say, I walked off the “set.” Lucky for me, I was cut out of the entire episode in the editing room!

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